Sample Research

We have performed a number of large-scale research studies, often in support of major valuation assignments and issues. These include:

View, Light, and Air Study - The value of a view, and the change in property value as a result of changed view and obstruction. Includes a view rating scale. (Developed for WSDOT, Seattle Monorail, and Sound Transit for use in determining the influence of aerial structures on property value)

Tunnel Studies - A series of studies addressing the impact of underground acquisitions for tunnel interests on the value of a larger parcel. Two of our sub-studies include The Impact of Deep Tunnels on Property Value and the Impact of Light Rail Tunnels on Property Value (Developed for Sound Transit, WSDOT, and King County for use in appraising underground interests to be acquired)

Tieback Transaction Study - An analysis of 57 transactions of underground tieback interests

Seattle Waterfront Benefit Study - Global search and study of examples of elevated highway removal and urban park creation projects. (Developed for the City of Seattle)

Please feel free to contact us directly for detailed information on these or other studies.