Interns may be full-time or part-time with potential for future full-time employment. Interns are responsible for direct appraisal and office support, including report production, research and office support. This position affords an educational opportunity to learn about and apply the process of real estate appraisal, with the possibility of advancement to appraiser.

Responsibilities - Assists appraisers and company in a diverse capacity including research, data and graphics preparation. Correspondence with clients via e-mail, telephone and fax. Office management including supplies and billing. Preparation of graphics, digital images, photographs, scanning and maps. Assistance in preparation of reports including use of Word, Excel, PhotoDraw, and production of reports. Research and analysis commensurate with abilities.

Qualifications - Good personality, intelligence. College degree required for advancement to Appraiser.

We take our jobs seriously, but our office is a lot of fun! Please contact us directly via email (all contact strictly confidential)