Commercial Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant

Commercial Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants provide valuation and consulting services for many reasons. Typical clients include banks, government agencies, property owners and the legal community. We value commercial properties such as office buildings, retail centers, industrial properties, apartments, hotels and vacant land. We do not normally value single houses.

Responsibilities - Research, including rent surveys, property sales, demographic trends and market analysis. This includes computer and file research, field research and inspection, and telephone contact with owners, brokers and other knowledgeable people. Inspection and photography of subject properties. Litigation support and consulting. Valuation analysis of Sales, Cost and Income Approaches. Writing and preparation of reports. Verbal communication and testimony.

Qualifications - College degree, Personable, Intelligent, Curious

Appraisal is a profession, requiring intelligence and a real-world sense. Successful applicants tend to have demonstrated success in one or more life areas, such as academics, athletics, musical accomplishments, or community. We embrace diversity in all forms. A professional appraiser becomes more valuable through the process of certification and professional designation, with a typical course of formal post-graduate education and mentorship over a number of years.

A  Principal  has significant experience in appraisal, consulting, and management.

A  Managing Director  has attained the MAI or other advanced professional designation.

A  Senior Appraiser  is State Certified or Licensed for appraisal.

An  Appraiser  is State-registered and is pursuing State Certification and professional designation. 

We take our jobs seriously, but our office is a lot of fun! Please contact us directly via email (all contact strictly confidential)